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The Coast Mountain Log Package Advantage

  1. We use only the finest Red Cedar  house logs. Individually hand picked for straightness of grain, size and taper
  2. There are no hidden costs with us. Some builders will give you a lower quote on a log home knowing that they will charge you extra for things like stairs and railings. Our contract lists exactly what you will receive with your log home purchase.
  3. We only build a limited number of homes each year. Quality is very important to us so we will not spread our resources too thin by building multiple homes at once. Each home is built start to finish by the same crew to ensure pride of ownership amongst our builders.
  4. We set up a website just for you so that you can check in to see your log home being built. You can track the progress every couple of days and share the pictures with you friends and family.
  5. Our Management- Our President, Darwin Forcier graduated from one of Canada's most prestigious Universities with a business management degree after taking an 12 month hiatus from his 15 year log home building career. " I love building log homes, but I needed a solid business background in order to best serve my clients in a professional and intelligent manner"
  6. Location, Location, Location.  We are Located just 15 minutes from Vancouver, the transportation hub of the West Coast. We are centrally located to all major shipping points to the US and World-wide. We can easily accommodate world wide shipments through the Port of Vancouver.
  7. Coast Mountain Log Homes does not re-sell log homes for any one. Some log home companies  will "contract out" the building of your log home to 3rd party  sub contractor builders. These sub contractors are not concerned with quality and cut corners to maximize their income.  We do not engage in this practice now nor will we do so in the future. When you decide to build with us then we guarantee that it will be built on our site by our skilled craftsmen.


We at Coast Mountain Log Homes take great pride in each and every log home we build. Our dedication to quality and integrity has been indoctrinated into our Mission Statement and directs the day to day actions of all employees. Click here to see our Mission Statement


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