Custom Timbers  and Lumber cut  from Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar
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Large Red Cedar and Douglas fir Timbers and  Lumber

Coast Mountain Log Homes Custom Cut Timbers

Coast Mountain Log Homes has the ability to supply custom Red Cedar lumber and  large timbers for  your projects.  We feature Tight Grain # 1 Douglas fir, Red Cedar, and Alaskan Yellow Cypress or Yellow Cedar.  Whether you are looking for 1 timber or a whole load Coast Mountain Log Homes can supply you with exactly what you need for your project.  Our large capacity portable sawmill can easily mill timbers up to 24" X  24" and up to 40 feet long. We can easily supply custom truck and bridge decking cut to your specifications.   All custom lumber and timbers are sold by the board foot and prices below.


Current Price List

Douglas fir  Timbers
 Air Dried less than 1 year

Prices start at $1500/ mbf  ( 1000 board feet)



Western Red Cedar  Timbers
Air Dried less than 1 year

Prices start at $2000/mbf  (1000 board feet)


Alaskan Yellow Cedar (Cypress) Timbers
Air Dried less than 1 year ( limited availability)


Prices start at $2500/mbf  (1000 board feet) 

All Timbers are Subject to Availability and are cut to order. Prices subject to change without notice-


Coast Mountain Log Homes will can also custom cut your logs to your specified dimensions at our site at Fraser Mills in Coquitlam BC.  Our rate for cutting Customer supplied logs is $85 per hour.  Customers choosing this service will need to make arrangements to have  their logs delivered to our site. 



Note:   Add 15% to the price if you want us to cut your timbers to exact lengths for your project.   Timbers  are sold FOB our facility and do not include shipping - Handling fees apply.   Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery of larger orders.