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At Coast Mountain Log Homes, building quality log home packages is our first priority. We start with only the finest building logs available. All logs are full length Red Cedar, and are 12"-16" in diameter. All logs are  then hand peeled using only a drawknife. Each log is then hand selected by our master builder for straightness and uniform diameter. We do not use bent logs or logs that have too much taper. Each log is then scribe fitted to the log below, ensuring a weather tight seal. Our log homes do not require chinking as we install a single foam gasket between each course of log work. All corners are joined using the "saddle" notch or the full Norwegian notch and are "over scribed" to ensure a tight fit during the seasoning process.

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Our  log shell packages include the log work only. If you are unclear what a log shell package is, Click here for more information on what a log shell is. Upon the buyers request we can supply everything needed to finish the log home. Prices for complete packages are available only on an individual basis due to the time involved in pricing these custom orders. A log shell from  Coast Mountain Log Homes generally takes six to eight weeks to build on our assembly yard and two to three days to reassemble on your site. Our log homes leave the assembly yard ready for the subtrades to begin the finishing work. 


Our  Premium Package include:

  1. log walls built to minimum 9 feet (no loft) or 10 feet (with loft)
  2. logs hand picked for straightness of grain and low taper (Red Cedar)
  3. all logs hand peeled and had scribed
  4. all door and window rough-ins are cut to accept your units and key ways are cut
  5. all returns for trim boards are cut and sanded
  6. all wall slots are cut to accept interior partition walls
  7. all electrical plug and switch boxes are cut into logs
  8. log floor joists for second floor (optional as per plan)
  9. log roof system (Ridge, Purlins, Posts as shown on plan)
  10. all through bolt holes are pre drilled
  11. logs are tagged and loaded for shipping
  12. logs are treated with non-toxic UV sealant to guard against mildew and discoloration during building
  13. logs insulated with single foam gasket
  14. written guarantee

Optional items available at extra cost:

     .   log trusses
     .   log rafters
     .   log stairs with guard rail and landing if necessary ( per plan)
     .   interior log handrails ( pre-fitted or material only options)
     .   exterior log hand railing and stair package
     .   character wood ( flared butts,  carved posts,  knotty wood, etc.)

Our packages can, at your request and at additional cost, also include the services of a master builder who will supervise the reassembly of the log shell on your site and help you or your contractor re-assemble the log shell to its original state.

The home owner is required to pay for:
      .   transportation of the shell from the assembly yard to the home site
      .   a crane for the re-assembly process
      .   any building supplies needed for the reassembly

A complete list of home owner responsibilities is outlined in our Log Shell Construction Agreement.


Log Home Shell

At Coast Mountain Log Homes we take pride in creating premier, hand crafted log homes for the discerning buyer. Our artisans are dedicated to their craft and take the utmost pride in their work.  Won't you let us Build Your Dream Home!

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