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Question: What is a log home shell package?

Answer: A log home shell is exactly that- it is the exterior log walls or "shell" of a log home.  It may also include any interior log walls that are load bearing walls.  The log shell is constructed or "pre-built" on our site because each log has to be expertly hand fit  which is labour intensive and time consuming.  If we were to do the log fitting on your site it would cost you approximately 25% more for labour and 30% more for materials, not to mention it would create a huge mess of sawdust and bark for you to clean up.   A log shell usually takes 4-8 weeks to build and 3-5 days to re-assemble on your site.    Click here for Log Shell Pictures

Question: What does Typical  Log Shell Package include?

Answer: The log shell package typically includes:

Log Shell (First  Floor)


  • Hand Peeled/ Hand notched Log Walls (Standard height = 10’)

  • Log walls constructed Western Red Cedar

  • Average mid-span log diameter 14" +/-

  • Window and door openings pre cut and processed to accept customer’s window sizes.

  • All pinning and bolting around openings and panel walls as required

  • Drilling for electrical wire passages

  • Pre-cut electrical boxes, switches, plugs and lights

  • Interior partition slot cuts for interior framed walls

  • Flatten log for installation of switch and plug face plates

  • Posts flattened to accept finish-framing

  • Decking slots for interior finish framing materials

  • Sanding of knots, logging scars and exposed chain saw cuts

  • Flattening and slabbing of plate logs for installation of framing materials

  • Single 1 1/8” foam gasket between logs

  • Logs treated with protective anti-mildew/ fungicide deterrent


Log Shell (Second Floor) 


  • Douglas Fir round log second floor joists average diameter 12”

  • Flattening and slabbing for installation of framing materials

  • Douglas Fir  log second floor double log beams

  • Decking Slot cuts for interior finish framing materials


Log Shell Roof (Post and Beam)


  • Douglas Fir log ridges and purlins average diameter 14" +/-

  • Beams Flattened with pitch angles

  • All roof connections are mortise and tenon

  • Post and beam trusses using round logs (if applicable per design)

  •  Log support posts flattened for framing  


Steel Requirements


  • All adjustable screw jacks

  • All lag bolts and drift pins

  • Log truss bolts and hardware (if applicable per design)

  • Anchor system to secure log home direct to foundation

  • Through bolts with timber washers and lock nut hardware (5/8 " Dia.)

  • Beam Saddles (if applicable per design)


Pre Delivery/ Delivery 


  • Full visual inspection of all logs during tagging and numbering.

  • Final sanding and cleanup of logs before shipping.

  • Apply non-hazardous wood treatment to seal logs against weathering and to deter mold and fungus growth.

  • Loaded onto common carrier for transport to your site

  • Customs Fees and Duties (if applicable)

  • Our pricing includes the labor for one on site technical assistant during the re-assembly of the log package.

  • Consultation with your general contractor to ensure a full understanding of the framing and finishing details required for your new log home.  


Optional Items


  • Log stairs including landings

  • Double foam gasket

  • “Cabling” of logs to ensure no tong holes or log damage during construction

  • Extra crew members for log raising

  • Character posts -  flared butts, carvings etc

  • Character logs integrated into the shell


NOT INCLUDED with Log Shell Purchase


  • Shipping

  • Crane rental for duration of Log Raising

  • Assembly Crew

  • Engineering of Plans to conform to your local requirements

  • Any other construction services or materials beyond building the log shell on our site  ( See Below for a detailed list)


Click here for a PDF version

Question: What is NOT included with a log shell package? (READ BELOW CAREFULLY!)

Answer: The following items are NOT INCLUDED in a log shell package:

  1. Building permits

  2. Site excavation, sewer, water

  3. foundation and sub floor

  4. the roof - ( 2 X 10 rafters, strapping, metal, shingles, insulation, paneling)

  5. plumbing

  6. electrical

  7. lumber

  8. paneling

  9. insulation

  10. staining of the logs

  11. Doors and windows

  12. flooring

  13. decks

  14. any and all framing (gables, interior partition walls, basement)

  15. Siding

  16. Sheet rock/ tongue and groove paneling

  17. Fixtures

  18. cabinets

  19. HVAC

  20. finishing carpentry

  21. Shipping (estimates here)

  22. Any materials other than the logs.

Question: Why do you not offer the above services?

Answer:  We are log smiths who specialize in the craft of log building.  We are experts in building beautiful log home shells using the specialized techniques and tools necessary.   We are not experts in any other facet of house construction any more than the others are experts at log building.  We leave the other aspects of constructing a home to the experts in those given trades.  This way you are ensured that you are getting the best value and highest quality from each individual trade that is necessary to complete your home because they are experts in those trades and know all the best practices.  Keep in mind that our craft is a very specialized one and that it is very labour intensive and requires very specialized equipment.  We also need access to high grade timber to insure a quality product.  These combined have led us to set up our operation in British Columbia, Canada; the last place in North America with the quality timber and skilled labour needed to offer you a quality product. 

Question: Will Coast Mountain Log Homes be the general contractor?

Answer:  NO- for two reasons.  First, if were were to get licensed for every state and Province in North America it would cost us thousands and thousands of dollars and consume endless hours of our time just managing the paper work.  Also, there is no way for us to know what the market for labour or materials is for each and every town in th USA.  Again, a local contractor would know these things and have the relationships necessary to bring the home in on budget and on time.  Second, again we are log smiths, that is what we do best.  A general contractor is best at organizing the necessary trades to build a home- we should be thought of as one of those trades.

Question I saw on the internet a log home package from "Company X" for $xx,xxx and included the doors, windows and deck. Why is your price higher and doesn't include the same things?

Answer:  "Company X" is selling you a "log package" not a log shell.  Our products are the same only in name.  We provide real, authentic handcrafted log home shells that are built by real craftsmen, using real logs.  We build only a limited number of homes each year because of the time involved in building a log shell.  Our products differs in the following ways:

Coast Mountain Log Homes Shell Company X Log Home Kit
Full sized "Real" high-grade" logs- minimum 12 " milled logs using lower quality logs maximum 12"
Hand hewn logs for hand peeled smooth finish rough machined finish
Home has character- each home is unique; a reflection of the owner no character, "cookie-cutter" mass produced homes
Builder direct- saves you money direct customer service Multiple levels of middle-men- adds to cost
Relationship with customer is important No relationship- logs come from factory- high pressure sales
Log shell is pre-assembled to ensure everything is perfect - Log shell doesn't leave until you approve  it

Our price includes the labour costs to notch and pre-assemble the entire log shell structure. 

Logs come from mill- can take weeks to get replacements if mistake

Price is for logs and materials only- you will have to hire someone to notch and stack the logs on your site plus pay for clean-up.

We look at log homes differently-  we don't look at each customer as another sale but instead we look at it as a chance to develop relationships with people and help them achieve their goals and in doing so we are leaving our mark on this world.  We take pride in what we do and we love it when people appreciate the hard work and dedication that we put into their home.

 A hand crafted log home is not for everyone and we understand that, but for someone looking to live the true log home lifestyle there really is no other choice- there is nothing quite like the warmth and feeling of a log home built from real logs and by real craftsmen dedicated to their craft.  



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