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2800 square foot log home

Handcrafted Log Home Shells

Our Product

Coast Mountain Log Homes builds Handcrafted Log Home Shells out of REAL hand peeled and hand scribed logs that are 12-20 inches.  We DO NOT offer milled logs, profiled logs, or logs only packages nor do we offer "log home kits".  We are real craftsmen building real log homes. Click here to see what a Log Home Shell really is .


Our Logs

We Do Not Sell Milled Logs





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Milled Logs

Our "Real" Logs

Notice the Natural beauty and size of the logs

Our logs are # 1Grade A, "high-grade" house logs, hand selected from BC's top forest companies. On average our forester has to sort through 200 logs just to find one log that meets our stringent standards.

Our logs average 14 inches at the mid span and are typically 40 feet long or longer. 


Milled Logs' unnatural shape just doesn't "Stack" up to our "real" logs.  Log mills can use lower quality wood because of the milling process hides any defects in the wood.

Our Handcrafted Logs
Log size will average 12" to 18" with an average diameter of 14". Only large, top quality logs are used. Red Cedar and Douglas fir Premium house logs
Larger Log size will average 6" to 8". Logs may be up to 10" at a higher cost. Poorer quality logs can be machined and used. Pine and Spruce "Utility"  logs
All logs will be full length, with no distracting butt joints.
All logs will usually be butt jointed. As a rule, no log will be longer than 16'. Unsightly joints will appear.
Handcrafted logs retain all of their inherent features and natural taper and are crafted by skilled artisans who fit, scribe and notch each individually chosen log.  Logs are smooth to the touch and require no sanding
All logs are machine cut to maintain a uniform size the full length of the log, with a set dimension. Due to this mechanical process, few of the true characteristics of the logs remain, and every home has the same look.  Logs do not have a smooth finish and must be sanded by homeowner
The handcrafted log will average 12-14" diameter, giving the log over 100% more mass with drastically increased R-value than "milled log"
A 6"-8" thick wall will have considerably less mass. Log home heating and cooling is based on tightness and mass- kit home has low R value
The handcrafted log home is totally custom fit. Your home is pre-built, so we know it will fit perfectly when it arrives at your site.
Inconsistency in the milling process can leave gaps up to 1/4". Homes are not pre-built prior to shipping, therefore flaws would not be detected until erected on your site.
Your log shell will be erected on your site in an average of 2-4 days.
Your average milled shell will take 1 to 2 weeks or more to erect and leave considerable and expensive mess on your site/

 A typical log home shell will take us 6-10 weeks to build on our construction yard and 3-5 days to re-assemble on your home Site. You WILL NEVER have to stack logs or cut notches- we do ALL the log work for you.  Once the log shell is re-assembled, our work is done and the home owner is responsible for finishing the house- usually through a general contractor or owner-build.  We do not install roofing materials, flooring, foundation, etc.  We are experts in log construction; it is what we do best, therefore,  we leave the other jobs to the tradesmen who do them best.  If you are looking for a REAL log home built from real logs by real craftsmen then we invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help make your dream of owning a real log home come true. 


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