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Question: What is your product offering?
We build and sell Handcrafted Log Home Shells made from real full length, full sized logs.  Our logs are hand peeled and hand scribed and fitted to ensure a tight seal.  We DO NOT sell milled, profiled, or machine cut log homes or log home packages or log home kits.  We are real craftsmen building real log homes that are as unique as the person who is buying it. As log crafters we are able to do things with logs that you could not even attempt with milled logs.  We are able to add  character wood, flared butts and unique details that require real knowledge of logs as a construction material.  You will find that our prices for a handcrafted  "Real" log home built on our yard then shipped and re-assembled on your site  are nearly the same as a machined or "kit" home once you factor in the costs of paying a contractor to stack your logs and cut notches after your purchase the machined or milled  log "kit".  Milled logs are uniform in appearance and most don't even resemble logs at all, unless you consider a square piece of lumber a log. Still don't see the difference? Look at the pictures below.



Real Handcrafted Builders Using Real Logs - Unique Appearance

Milled, profiled and machine cut logs -Not Unique

Question: How much does a log shell cost?
You can expect to pay at least  60 US or more per square foot of finished floor space  for Red Cedar Logs (not including the basement)

 This range of price is reflective of the details involved, the species of log desired, and the overall size. We would be pleased to provide you with a free estimate on your design and for the log shell package that you will desire.

Question Does your price include the roof? Does it include the foundation?
Answer: NO.  We supply only the log portion or log package of your log home.   Building a log home requires the same steps as building a regular home from site-prep to foundations to finishing.  We supply only one piece of the overall puzzle that is a completed home.   There are contractors and carpenters in your area that are experts at installing roofs, foundations and other aspects of finishing but would not even know where to begin  building a log home shell.  That is where we come in- we are experts at building with logs;  they are experts at framing roofs and foundations, together we will work to build you a log home. Bottom line is:  hire experts in their respective trades and your project will come in on time and budget.

Question: Do you offer "Turn-key" log home packages?
: Building log home shells is what we do best; therefore we leave the other tasks involved in finishing a log home to the Tradesmen who do them best.  We have found that it is considerably less expensive for you to hire a local contractor familiar with you local building market than it would be for you to hire us to finish the log home to "Turn-key".

Question: Is Shipping Included?
Answer: Shipping is a necessary evil whether you live 5 miles or 5000 miles from the construction yard.  In order  for us to maintain consistent pricing, and to insure that you receive a fair shipping price based on current shipping rates to your area, we do not include the price of shipping in our log shell package price. We do however have estimated trucking costs within the continental US here and we will gladly get you an more accurate quote once you have provided us with your Site address. 

Question: What areas do you serve?
Answer: Once disassembled and loaded onto a flat-deck or into a shipping container, a log home shell can be shipped to nearly any point on earth. We are able to ship World-Wide and can easily ship log homes to any State in the USA duty and tax free.

Question: What about shrinkage?
All of our homes are built to allow for natural shrinkage above doors, windows, and at all floor to ceiling posts. We have never had a shrinkage problem or complaint from a customer because our homes are built properly the first time.

Question: Which species of log is best?
Western red cedar is in our opinion the best building material available. This wood naturally has low moisture content, does not twist when it shrinks and has the warmest ambiance of all the species. It is also very durable and has an excellent "Value". Douglas fir is also an excellent choice but its disadvantages include a higher natural moisture content and susceptibility to twisting when drying. Other species, such as, as Spruce and Hemlock are available for value conscious customer who wants the look of logs but is on a budget. 
Click here for more information on wood species

Question: What if I have my own plans?
Answer: We will gladly work from your plans provided that they are fully drawn and have been approved by an engineer and by the building department where your site resides.  We can take also take your existing drawings and prepare complete construction drawings that will be adequate for engineering and building permit approval.  We charge on an individual basis for redraws and plan completion.

Question: How long will it take to build my log home?
Typically a log home in the 2000 square feet range will take 6-8 weeks to build plus 2-5 days to reassemble it on your site.

Question: What is included with my log home package?
That all depends on what level of involvement you want. We can provide  lumber packages with your log home shell including framing and finishing lumber.  Generally though, packages include the log shell structure, log roof system, log stairs and log railing materials. All wood is hand peeled and all interior  walls are spot sanded to give a smooth to the touch finish. Click Here for Log Home Package Details

click to enlarge Log Home Fireplace

Question: How many houses do you build in a year?
Do you really want to give your hard earned money to a company that "pumps" out a large number of houses a year or to a company that builds a limited number of houses a year so as to assure the highest quality available? Remember, "Bigger is not always better", and "You get what you paid for."  Having said that we usually build 5-8 homes a year which keeps us busy year round but lets us give each home the attention to detail that it deserves.

Question: What about bug killed or dead standing logs?
We generally build with green wood and air dry it.  Bug killed and dead standing logs are susceptible to sap stain, an ugly blue-black fungus that penetrates the wood up to 6 inches and is impossible to remove.  We only buy logs from foresters who are dedicated to sustainable harvest practices and who re-plant. We can at the customer's request use bug-killed or dead standing logs. Information on settling can be found here

Question: I am an American, why should I buy from you?
Answer: Building a handcrafted log home requires a great deal of skill and ability. 
We believe that we offer the most attractive, as well as, the most structurally sound product on the market. We have been constructing handcrafted log homes for nearly a decade and have not only the expertise, but also the years of experience behind us. We pride ourselves in constructing only quality custom log homes, and delivering personalized service to each and every customer no matter how big or small their project  is.  We emphasize the beauty of the natural wood we use a use industry leading best practices to ensure structural integrity.   The quality of our craftsmanship and the durability of our product is our signature and our guarantee to you.

Question: Do you sell through dealers?
Answer: Yes we do.  We feel that to best serve you the customer we need to have a local contact for you to communicate with.  Your local dealer will have experience in log home construction and will be able to answer your questions.  When the time comes for you to purchase your log home form Coast Mountain Log Homes, your local dealer will work with us to ensure that you get exactly what you want- Your Dream Log Home!  Interested in becoming a dealer?  Call us at 1-877-564-4669

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