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Handcrafted Log Home Plans

Deciding on a log home design should not be a "impulsive" decision.  Careful analysis of your present and future needs and desires should be considered when choosing a particular layout.   After all, this is going to be your  dream home, you  should have it the way you want it and not what someone else tells you should have.   To this end Coast Mountain Log Homes highly recommends a Custom Designed log home that is tailored to you specifically.   We work closely with some of the best designers in the industry  to ensure you get the log home you have always dreamed of and not someone else's "recycled" design.

If you decide to explore a custom designed log home we will refer you to our designer.  A referral from Coast Mountain Log Homes ensures you get preferential service and support.    Another thing to consider is often a custom design can lead to substantial cost savings on the entire build  thus offsetting the initial cost of the design.  Remember:

Custom Design is Always Money Well Spent ! 


Contact us at  sales@coastmountainloghomes.com  for more information regarding custom design.


Coast Mountain Log Homes builds Handcrafted Log Home Shells out of REAL hand peeled and hand scribed logs that are 12-20 inches.  We DO NOT offer milled logs, profiled logs, or logs only packages nor do we offer "log home kits".  We are real craftsmen building real log homes. If you do not know the difference between a Handcrafted Log Home and a Milled Log Home please click here to learn more  about Our High Quality Product



Our Logs

We Do Not Sell Milled Logs





From this...                               

    ... to this


Milled Logs

Our "Real" Logs

Notice the Natural beauty and size of the logs


Milled Logs' unnatural shape just doesn't measure up to our "real" logs. 

 A typical log home shell will take us 6-10 weeks to build on our construction yard and 3-5 days to re-assemble on your home Site. You WILL NEVER have to stack logs or cut notches- we do ALL the log work for you.  Once the log shell is re-assembled, our work is done and the home owner is responsible for finishing the house- usually through a general contractor or owner-build.  We do not install roofing materials, flooring, foundation, etc.  We are experts in log construction; it is what we do best, therefore,  we leave the other jobs to the tradesmen who do them best. 


If you are looking for a REAL log home built from real logs by real craftsmen then we invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help make your dream of owning a real log home come true. 




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